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Treat your own Knee - på engelska

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Egenbehandlingbok för knäet av Robin McKenzie, Grant Watson och Robert Lindsay. Lättläst handbok som ger en aktiv plan att hantera besvär i knäna.

Pain or stiffness in your knee? Painful to walk?
Knee problems significantly affecting your quality of life?

The most common cause of recurrent knee pain in adults is commonly diagnosed as Osteoarthritis. However this diagnosis is often based on an X-ray looking for aging changes (commonly referred to as degeneration) in the joints which is evident in up to 70% of the population over 50 years old. These changes are part of a normal aging process and may not be the cause of pain. Studies have found that in many people symptoms can improve, even as the X-ray shows deterioration over the same period.
Knee pain is commonly related to the normal aging process, compounded by our more sedentary lifestyles and a general lack of adequate exercise. This book will teach you how to deal with the present symptoms and how to prevent or limit future problems.

Self-treatment will be more effective in the long-term management of your knee pain than any other form of treatment because you can self-treat multiple times a day. The exercise regime unique to the McKenzie Method will enable you to identify and respond to recurrence in a safe and economical manner. One of the main points of this book is that the management of your knee problem is your responsibility.

In addition Treat Your Own Knee also discusses the management of acute knee injuries and discusses important strategies to assist in preventing and minimising episodes of knee pain.

Who Can Perform self-treatment?
We recommend you spend a couple of minutes completing the Knee Diagnosis Questionnaire to determine whether you can treat your knee problem successfully without further assistance.

Is the information in this book suitable for me?
The majority of people will benefit from the advice given in this book which is provided for those people with straight forward recurring mechanical problems. Nearly everyone can commence the exercise programme, provided the recommended precautions are taken.

However, in any of the following situations you should not commence the exercise programme without first consulting your doctor or physiotherapist:
If your knee has suddenly become very swollen or hot for no apparent reason, or you think it may have become infected.
If you are generally feeling unwell in conjunction with your knee pain. If you have associated back pain, with pain or numbness radiating to the front of the thigh and/or the knee region.
If you have severe pain in the leg below the knee and experience sensations of weakness, numbness or pins and needles in the foot.
If you have developed severe pain in the back of the leg below the knee with associated chest pain or breathlessness.
If you have suddenly developed severe knee pain following a recent accident and find you are unable to take any weight through your leg or it keeps collapsing or “locking” for no reason.
If you have a previous history of cancer or a tumour.
If you have had knee surgery in the past three months.

If you suffer from any of the above you may wish to seek advice from a health professional (To locate a McKenzie Institute trained therapist in your area we recommend that you use the therapist locator feature on the McKenzie Institute International website:

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